About Metalogalvanic

Metalogalvanic Čačak - Hala

Our beginning

The company Metalogalvanic was founded in 2010 in Čačak, in order for our basic company that deals with the service of surface protection SEM Čačak, to supplement part of its free capacity, which made Metalogalvanic a serious separate entity.

The company operates in two fields, one is sheet area processing in tools on presses (punching,cutting, bending and extraction), and the second area is surface protection of metals.

Regarding the field of stamping, our company Metalogalvanic manufactures hinges for freezers and refrigerators for company Gorenje Valjevo. About 2000000 parts are produced annualy, and more new positions are planned for Gorenje.

When it comes to the field of surface protection, we deal in galvanizing (acid process), galvanic nickel plating, tinning, browning and hard chrome plating. About 70% of our service is galvanizing, which we do on hanging and in drums.

Metalogalvanic Čačak - Hala 2

Our capacities and growth

We have galvanizing line of hanging type in dimensions of 3000x1200x600mm, with two working tubs, and we are preparing a new line measuring 2000x1200x600mm with three work positions. We also have a galvanizing line in drums, with four working tubs, and the capacity of the drums is 40-80 kg, depending on the goods that are the subject of the work.

Another drum line with four more working tubs is planned to be put into operation. So, even in the current conditions, we have a significant capacity for galvanizing, and we plan to double the existing capacity.

We have our own laboratory for testing and maintenance of our own electrolytes, as well as measuring devices to check the quality of the applied coatings.